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The Straw That Broke the Camels Back

Learn how to heal yourself from chronic pain without drugs, surgery or physical therapy

Nature gives you everything you need to heal yourself. This book shows you how to harness the healing power that is already within you.

-Susan Campbell, Ph.D., author of “Getting Real” and “From Triggered to Tranquil”


Once you rule out life-threatening conditions and when conventional interventions do not eliminate the symptoms, the Zero Pain Now process is often the best possible methodology. For many people this may be all that you need.

Dr. Fatima Hajera, D.O.

Millions of people can get better from reading this book, and if you’re in pain, you’re probably one of them.

-Adam Heller, founder of ZeroPainNow®

I wish I had access to this book and Brajesh's story sooner. It is a game changer!

-Candis Hickman , Former Occupational Therapist and Personal Branding Coach

I for one will recommend this book for my friends, family and patients to read.

-Nanci J Kersch, LAc.,LMT, CT, DTR, HHA,CNA

It is an inspiration and marvelous proof of our mind's capabilities. Read this book, especially if you are in pain.

-Tatiana Bezer, Yoga teacher and owner of Samadhi Mala Beads

This book is a must read for those who dream of a pain-free life.

-Matilde Machiavello, Director at AlmostAlwaysCalm

Read it and practice it to become pain free – it’s time to live your life fully!”

-Kathy Zehringer, A Shift Happens

I warmly welcome and encourage the use of these novel strategies in the therapeutic armamentarium in the battle against chronic pain which is still a great drain in productivity and work place logistics.

-Dr. Dheeraj R Kamalam MD, Board certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain physician

The road to remission is littered with rabbit holes and dead ends. Thank you Brajesh, for illuminating the REAL path back to zero pain now. This book will make many lives worth living again.

Edward Glaser, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and founder of Sole Supports Inc.

I use this vocal technique if a flare up threatens to bench me. No pain, I gain.

-Sarah, pain-free client

HOPE...Hope that is shared by this process and by others who chose to follow.

-Marilyn K. Volker, Ed.D. Ph.D., Sexologist

You’ll love this book as you can relate to it AND finally get on a real solution AND discover why everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked.

-Esther Drost, Founder of MagicReset

An entertaining read that delivers incredible amounts of Hope for those in pain.”

-Leticia Latino, Back2Basics Podcast: Reconnecting to the essence of YOU

This book offers not only hope, but a roadmap to a proven, enduring solution for ending the agony. Buy it, read it, share it!

-Clifford B. Edwards, Author of “The Forgiveness Handbook: A Simple Guide to Freedom of the Mind and Heart”

If you're in pain, read the book to discover the process and test it for yourself.

Ankush Jain, Coach, Consultant and author of “Sweet Sharing - Rediscovering the REAL You”

This book can be a stepping stone for many to begin their own healing journey.

-Rick Marlowe Sostre, Executive Trainer & Coach